The World-Class Full-Back Trent Alexander-Arnold

Though having matured into a world-class full back, perhaps Trent Alexander-Arnold could stay long with the current team. In a complicated offside situation, Sadio Mane has been thwarted by referees’ flag, in spite of converting rebounds from others. At the time of the initial pass, Mane was offside but wasn’t affected by the offside. In the second stage, the youngster reached the same level with Roberto Firmino as he kicked the goal.

Looking at the replay, one could see the clear positions of Firmino and Arsenal defence. The goal came from Trent Alexander-Arnold. On the contrary, Alexander-Arnold passed the football towards the middle of the pitch, and then kick it delicately over the top by his comparatively weaker left foot. Then, two footballers of Liverpool scrambled to running through on goal.

The goal aims at disturbing the pace of their rivals, and even the most excellent playmakers could hardly played such perfect goals. The youngster aged 20 make it. Former right-back footballer — Jon Flanagan predominantly played in near miss of 2013-14 with Liverpool, who has impressed most people with his energetic tackle.

It’s Philipp Lahm rather than Cafu should be taken as a target to compare with Alexander-Arnold. A German world-cup winning captain is adept at both right-back and left-back, who is deployed as a central midfielder by the manager. For the strategy of this manager, the most excellent footballers will be put in the middle. When such things happen, Philipp Lahm is put on the right side for some doubts on his physicality.

Alexander may start a similar road. In fact, he is also a midfield from the youth ranks. Most world-class full-back was grown from attackers in some stages. Then they would like to turn to the position of right-backs, because more opportunities will fall on the part. The more one plays at the special position, the more important he will become.

In other words, Alexander-Arnold will become the main force in defence. Amongst many success stories involving football games in the season, only the trip to Naples seems wonderful than others.

Alexander-Arnold has probably become the target of the last-season quarterfinal for suspecting his ability in defense. Though all attacks of Manchester City having something to to with Sane, every time Alexander performs well and stands firm. At the most presentable moment of Manchester City, David Silva contributed a tap-in effortlessly. He rushed into inside for wrong-footed pass. All those scenes intend to show prominent footballing intelligence. Alexander-Arnold also that said the Sane is the most competitive footballer he have ever came across.

Since he has made great contributions to nullify Cristiano Ronaldo in a final, and defeated Neymar at the football stadium, in which he got his foot in.

Many youngsters proficient in tackle and sprint are deployed as right-backs, but the young footballer like Alexander-Arnold. Besides, the young footballer will become more and more skilled.

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England’s football shirts

England’s football shirts

England is a traditional football team, but in recent years, their record is not good. The shirt design is mainly pure white with a little blue and red. The unique font used to print the number of players comes from two fonts that called Johnston and Sans. Both of them are typical British styles and very beautiful. Croatia team led by the real Madrid club midfielder core Modric in this World Cup. The jersey design is based on the red and white checkered pattern of the Croatian flag. This jersey is one of the most distinctive national team uniforms which known as the “grid team”. Colombia advanced to the last eight in the last World Cup, and Ronaldo was very famous by this match who was playing for Bayem Munich club. The red,yellow and blue colors used in the jerseys are derided from the national flag. There are three red and blue slanting color blocks on the side,which increase the recognition and movement of jerseys. This is Egypt’s second World Cup. Egypt’s shirt design particularly low-key. The collar and cuffs increase black stripes in detail in place, so the whole is concise and easy. Known as the African eagles, Nigeria’s home team uniform is one of the most popular jerseys at the World Cup.Whole jerseys used green, white, black three kinds of colour, the design inspiration of sleeve comes from the appearance that eagle shows, stripe of white and green alternate with each other, give a person extremely strong visual impact and showed the rhythm feeling with a kind of peculiar African continent.Costa rica who has only played in the World Cup five times, but in the last World Cup unexpectedly reached the last eight.In the 2002 World Cup also beat the first time into the World Cup China 2-0 score.The shirt is bright red in color, with several interlaced lines of detail designed to symbolize the unbrween the team and its fans.Mexican football has always been at the leading level in central and North America, and is a frequent visitor to the World Cup. Their jerseys are mainly dark green, which is similar to Colombian jerseys in graphic design, implying upward and breakthrough.As a strong Asian team, Iran reached this year’s World Cup by finishing first in their group in the preliminary round.Their home jersey is decorated with red elements with white as the keynote, red rib v-neck and red Adidas three-stripe design on the shoulder, bringing a simple and retro visual effect.As a strong Asian team, Iran reached this year’s World Cup by finishing first in their group in the preliminary round.Their home jersey is decorated with red elements with white as the keynote, red rib v-neck and red Adidas three-stripe design on the shoulder, bringing a simple and retro visual effect.Iceland has only a population of 320, 000, but in the past two years, their men’s football team has repeatedly created miracles, has reached the European cup and the World Cup, is a complete dark horse.The uniform design is also very good, with blue as the main color of the national team as the main tone, collar and shoulder with white, blue and red dots blend with each other, to produce the effect of snow cover, the design is very clever.

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England 2018 World Cup Home Shirt

A new list of England national team players was officially published on 15 March 2018. Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Jack Wilshere and Danny Welbeck were called up to play for the national team. On the other hand, Harry Kane was not included in the list because of injuries.

Jack Wilshere, born on 1 January 1992, is an English professional footballer and plays for Arsenal and England national team as a midfielder. He joined Arsenal’s youth academy when he was ten and showed his talent there. In 2008, Wilshere signed a contract with Arsenal and started his professional career. In September 2008, he made his debut and became youngest player at the age of 16 years and 256 days to play for Arsenal. On 1 June 2018, Wilshere helped the club win FA Cup. His excellent performances earn him a few individual awards, including the PFA Young Player of the Year award and Arsenal’s Player of the Season award in 2010-11.

Wilshere’s outstanding performance was praised by players of Barcelona in a match between Arsenal and Barcelona in February 2011. However, he was too shy to ask for the jerseys of Barcelona’s superstars, and the captain Francesc Fabregas finally helped him to do so. Although Wilshere are powerful and energetic at football fields, he is still a shy boy in his daily life.

In terms of England national team, Wilshere finished his debut in a friendly game against Hungary national team and played the final group match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Wilshere is a potential player for Arsenal and England national team. Besides, he is considered the future of England, but more importantly, he is the future of Arsenal.

Nike, as the sponsor of England national team, has been creating and providing comfortable football shirts with high-performance.

The 2018 home football shirt designed for the World Cup was unveiled jointly by Nike and the FA. This newly released home shirt is predominately white with some classic English elements. Its collar with red decoration is so eye-catching. St. George’s cross is embroidered at the back of the collar, protecting the country, and the rose is printed inside the collar that is inspired by the pattern from the commemorative hat players get when they play games. Blue Nike Swoosh and the “Three Lions” badge are printed on the chest. A gray five-pointed star above the team badge represents one World Cup trophy that England national team got in 1966. The St. George’s cross, rose and the team badge remind of the long history of England national team.

The blue shorts and white socks complete the home kit, which is easily recognized and continues the tradition of the national team.

The latest and the most innovative technologies of Nike make sure of the high-performance of the shirt. For example, Dri-Fit technology can keep players dry, cool and comfortable on football pitches.

Wear an England football shirt and cheer on “Three Lions” to show your loyalty wherever you are. You must be amazed at these breathable and nice football shirts.

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England 2012 Home Football Shirt

The England home shirt was designed for the 2012 UEFA European Championship. It was released officially by Umbro on 23 February 2012. Players of England national team would wear the shirt and play games in Group D, together with France, Sweden and Ukraine.

Based on the concept “Tailored by Umbro”, the home shirt 2012 takes inspiration from St.George flag. It is the first shirt with only two colors(white and red) in the history of England national team in honor of the flag. The badge of “Three Lions” is also changed into the white and red one. The unique collar of the jersey with red stripe and one-button closure is inspired by the jersey worn by players when they won the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Sir Alfred Ernest Ramsey (22 January 1920-28 April 1999) led the England team and changed the English football history. It was he that helped the team win the only World Cup. He had been the manager of England national team from 1963 to 1974. Besides, as a professional player, Ramsey was a defender and a member of England’s 1950 World Cup squad. He also played for Tottenham Hotspur and helped the club get the title of Second Division champions in 1949-50 season and First Division champions in 1950-51 season.

The England team badge and Umbro logo are embroidered on the chest. A red five-pointed star above the badge symbolizes the victory in the 1996 World Cup.

The Umbro shirt shows perfectly the profound culture of the national team.

Our store provides you with shirt printing, so you are able to get your special England football shirt with the name and number of your favourite player such as Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Wayne Rooney and so on or with your own name and number. The material polyester and cotton will make you comfortable. Just select one to show your loyalty and support.

Wayne Rooney currently plays for Premier League club Everton. He can play as a forward, but he is used in various midfield roles sometimes. He helped Manchester United win five Premier League titles, FA Cup, three Football League Cup trophies, FA Community Shield titles, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and FIFA Club World Cup. His talent and ability earn him many individual awards. Rooney got the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year award in 2002, Bravo Award in 2003, Golden Boy Award in 2004, Premier League Player of the Season in the 2009-10, England Player of the Year four times and so on.

Rooney played games in the 2004 and 2012 UEFA European Championships and three World Cups from 2006 to 2014. On 23 August 2017, he announced his retirement from England national team.

Nowadays, Rooney has a very happy family; he has two sons and beautiful wife. He is very kind. On August 15, 2011, Rooney and his wife donated a large sum of money to a foundation so as to help those who lost their homes in the 2011 British riots. At the same time, Rooney hoped to call for more individuals to do a favor for those people in trouble.

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Away Football Shirt 2014 England

2014 FIFA World Cup took place in Brazil. The games were hosted in different football stadiums, including Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Arena da Baixada, Arena da Amazônia and so on. Football fans can go to these stadiums to feel the excitement.

Opened in 1974, Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha is a football stadium and multipurpose arena in Brasília, DF, Brazil, with a total capacity of 45,200 spectators. After the reconstruction, its capacity is increased to 72,788 people, so it currently becomes the second-largest stadium in Brazil and one of the largest in South America. The game between Brazil and Japan in 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup was held here. In addition, the stadium also hosted some games in the football tournament of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“Fuleco” is the mascot of the 2014 World Cup and the name is derived from Futebol (football) and Ecologia (ecology). It is dedicated to protect Brazil’s spectacular nature. Besides, Fuleco is an ambassador for making the World Cup environment friendly. It is 14 years old and likes dancing, social media, Brazilian music.

Ronaldo, a retired Brazilian professional footballer, introduced the mascot to audience at a show. It has a blue carapace on its head, blue back and tail, and yellow face and limbs, which reminds of the color of Brazil national flag. Fuleco wears a white shirt with the word “Brazil 2014” and a pair of green shorts.

England national team was one of the 32 qualified teams competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. To help players perform well in this major international competition, Nike had provided the most advanced football products for the squad. Designers focused on England’s history and culture and took advantage of new and innovative technologies.

“It is our honor to design jerseys for the country that invented this sport.” said Martin Lotti, a major creative force at Nike. “We hope to pay tribute to the great victories in the history of English football through newly released jerseys. Since players wearing red jerseys won the 1966 World Cup, red jersey has become a symbol of England. We also hope to show respect to classic designs with new technological innovations.”

The away shirt is all red and features a white Nike Swoosh and the iconic team badge on chest. The away shorts are white while the socks are red, too. Players’ numbers and names are printed with a brand new font designed by Neville Brody.

The fabric of the jersey that is made by Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat quickly from skin to the shirt so as to keep players cool and dry. What’s more, cotton and recycled polyester is soft and makes players comfortable.

Nike adheres to the idea of environmental protection. Each Nike shirt is made by 16 recycled bottles. The company has diverted more than three billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester, the material of Nike shirts and shorts. These bottles are enough to cover about 5,200 football pitches.

Cheap football shirts are provided for millions of fans. Please choose your favorite one and show your loyalty.

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