England Football Shirt

There are several famous symbols of great significance in England, two of which are the rose and st. George’s cross. The third, the “three lions” logo on the chest of the England football shirt, is a classic totem dating back to the 12th century. As the main design element, these three iconic designs played an important role in England’s 2018 full-line clothing design. They make this season’s jerseys history, and Nike’s latest revolutionary jerseys technological innovation is like a fast-forward button that takes history straight to the present. The extraordinary achievements of English football in the summer of 2017 speak volumes about the hopeful present. At the time, the st George’s park training base was home to 28 English teams from all sports. Among them, several teams sponsored by Nike ignited the hope of the whole country. In June 2017, England’s U20 team won the Toulon cup and the U20 World Cup successively. Over the next five months, England won the U19 European championship, reached the semi-finals of the U21 European championship and the women’s European cup. In the end, England won the U17 World Cup 5-2 by scoring five goals in a row to turn the tables after falling two goals behind in the final.

As England’s grown men’s football team prepares for its most important global tournament, this generation of players is looking to continue the rise of English football. Many of the players in Gareth Southgate’s youth army will debut at the top of world football. Goalkeeper jack Batlan, 24, and Jordan Pickford, 23, are vying with Joe hart, who has played 75 times for England, for the No1 shirt, which is a status symbol. The outfits the players and their team-mates will be wearing in Russia will be in white, red and blue, the traditional “three primary colors” of England. White and blue trousers are the traditional pairing of the England football shirt, while the red embellishment of the details is the finishing touch. The modern collar, the st George’s cross at the back, the blue Nike Swoosh logo on the chest and the famous “three lions” logo all add up to a traditional English colour. The silver star, one of England’s greatest achievements in its history, sits atop the crest, along with other elements of the design that give the shirt its modern, streamlined appearance. For a country with such a high status in football as England, designing a highly recognizable product set for them is an important task for Nike designers. The visible mesh in the chest and back is accurately plotted from the athlete’s heat and sweat data to provide optimal ventilation. The new heat transfer logo is 64 percent lighter than its predecessor and is by far Nike’s most breathable. Shorts remove the outer seams, reducing friction and increasing freedom of movement.

From pre-tournament training camps to official matches in Russia, England will spend up to seven weeks playing this summer. Each player will be given clothing appropriate to each point in the preparation process, including tailored Nike sports life Tech Fleece sports suit, eye-catching blue and black training equipment, wearing a pure white sports jacket before entering the game. The highlight was the pre-match warm-up shirt, which took its colour and design from the 1982 England football shirt.

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