The World-Class Full-Back Trent Alexander-Arnold

Though having matured into a world-class full back, perhaps Trent Alexander-Arnold could stay long with the current team. In a complicated offside situation, Sadio Mane has been thwarted by referees’ flag, in spite of converting rebounds from others. At the time of the initial pass, Mane was offside but wasn’t affected by the offside. In the second stage, the youngster reached the same level with Roberto Firmino as he kicked the goal.

Looking at the replay, one could see the clear positions of Firmino and Arsenal defence. The goal came from Trent Alexander-Arnold. On the contrary, Alexander-Arnold passed the football towards the middle of the pitch, and then kick it delicately over the top by his comparatively weaker left foot. Then, two footballers of Liverpool scrambled to running through on goal.

The goal aims at disturbing the pace of their rivals, and even the most excellent playmakers could hardly played such perfect goals. The youngster aged 20 make it. Former right-back footballer — Jon Flanagan predominantly played in near miss of 2013-14 with Liverpool, who has impressed most people with his energetic tackle.

It’s Philipp Lahm rather than Cafu should be taken as a target to compare with Alexander-Arnold. A German world-cup winning captain is adept at both right-back and left-back, who is deployed as a central midfielder by the manager. For the strategy of this manager, the most excellent footballers will be put in the middle. When such things happen, Philipp Lahm is put on the right side for some doubts on his physicality.

Alexander may start a similar road. In fact, he is also a midfield from the youth ranks. Most world-class full-back was grown from attackers in some stages. Then they would like to turn to the position of right-backs, because more opportunities will fall on the part. The more one plays at the special position, the more important he will become.

In other words, Alexander-Arnold will become the main force in defence. Amongst many success stories involving football games in the season, only the trip to Naples seems wonderful than others.

Alexander-Arnold has probably become the target of the last-season quarterfinal for suspecting his ability in defense. Though all attacks of Manchester City having something to to with Sane, every time Alexander performs well and stands firm. At the most presentable moment of Manchester City, David Silva contributed a tap-in effortlessly. He rushed into inside for wrong-footed pass. All those scenes intend to show prominent footballing intelligence. Alexander-Arnold also that said the Sane is the most competitive footballer he have ever came across.

Since he has made great contributions to nullify Cristiano Ronaldo in a final, and defeated Neymar at the football stadium, in which he got his foot in.

Many youngsters proficient in tackle and sprint are deployed as right-backs, but the young footballer like Alexander-Arnold. Besides, the young footballer will become more and more skilled.

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